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A simple, convenient way to access services around you.

We help consumers find trusted businesses

Kazi helps consumers find trusted businesses and service providers in their vicinity and increases visibility for business owners.

We make it easier for consumers to find the best match for the jobs they need done.

Use Kazi to put your business on the map and at the fingertips of real customers.


No need for several apps.    Find all the service providers you seek on KAZI.


Consumers and Level 1 service providers can sign up and get full use of the app at no cost.


Rate and review the service providers and help other users know who best to engage for a task.

How it works

Kazi works to increase the visibility of the service providers with the clients in need of these services. All you have to do is log in, chose a category and we will show you where the service providers are located in relation to your current location.

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